$39.00 Monthly Fee

$1,950 Commercial Transaction Fee

$395.00 Per Transaction

With the Premier Plan as a Realtor you get all of the Technology, Education and Training provided with no hidden costs. With this plan, it’s simple, your only monthly costs is $39.00 per month.

This plan is the valid for Rentals as well, except for when a total Gross Commission Earned is less than $2,000.00 than the Transaction Fee is lowered to 10% of the total Gross Commission Earned. For Example, a commission of $1,500.00, the Transaction Fee is lowered to $150.00.




Typical Savings with La Rosa Realty

Other Broker Splits

$10,000 Commission Check

Less 30%

Equals only $7,000 to Agent

With La Rosa Realty New York

$10,000 Commission Check

Less $395.00

Equals $9,605 to Agent

That Saves an Agent $2,605