$295.00 Monthly Fee

$1,950.00 Commercial Transaction Fee

And only a $35.00 Errors & Omission Fee

With the Platinum Plan as a Realtor with La Rosa Realty New York you get all of the same benefits as you would in the Premier Plan and Elite Plan.

The Best Part of the Platinum Plan is that this plan is designed for Top Producers who are closing more than 1 or 2 deals per month on Average.  As a part of the Platinum Plan, Agents are provided all the tools and education that allows them the Greatest Opportunity for Success in Today’s Market.




Typical Savings with La Rosa Realty

Other Broker Splits

$10,000 Commission Check

Less 30%

Equals only $7,000 to Agent

With La Rosa Realty New York in the Elite Plan

$10,000 Commission Check

Less $35

Equals $9,965