Joe La Rosa

Originally established as a division of La Rosa Companies, to drive sales to all La Rosa Development Projects throughout Florida, La Rosa Realty initially offered a 100% commission to many of the local Realtors within Central Florida, it’s home base, and grew organically to become one of Central Florida’s largest Real Estate Companies. It was in 2008, when Joe La Rosa, Broker and Founder of La Rosa Realty, was retained to help establish a National Franchise throughout the State of Florida. With the immediate success that La Rosa acquired, Joe, purchased into this National Franchise, and immediately took the role of President of Operations and Development throughout the United States. During his term, Joe, assisted with the development of over 100 Franchises within a 18 month time frame.

With this experience, Joe acquired the knowledge and understanding of what all major franchises in the industry really had to offer. It wasn’t much more than a Name and a Logo, a lot of the Big Brands talked about Service but very little provide. Joe understood the importance of helping Franchisees and Brokers in recruiting the right Real Estate Professionals to their Office. To do this though, Real Estate Professionals simply are looking to grow their business, and this is what Joe and La Rosa Realty have done. They have put the full package together now that allows Realtors to truly Grow Their Business by providing Service with Substance behind it that delivers and by adding the Greatest Compensation Plan in the Market.